The Poehl's Family

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Since, I first spoke with Carrie, it already felt like we were soul sisters. Both midwestern gals and teachers, we met through Instagram. It was quickly fated that I would be capturing their family atop a mountain in Boulder, and we did just that. It was so fun, because since Carrie and I got to know each other through Instagram, it felt like we already knew each other. 

Capturing her family was so easy because they had such a genuine and loving connection.  Her boys, Henry & Sam loved the camera, enjoyed showing me poses they like to practice, and loved to climb those rocks (those two are little dare devils!). And, I think even Karl enjoyed the mountain experience with his family. :) Carrie, Karl, Henry, & Sam-- I am so lucky I got to meet all of you. Thank you for inviting me into your lives! :)


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