Welcome to my Journal

Some people say my hair is so big because it’s full of secrets… heheh, okay, no one really says this. If you came here to get my secrets, tips, tricks, or insight though, you came to the right place. In this journal I get to marry my love for writing and photography (so much marriage on this blog!). Wondering where to go next? Choose below.

for love


The Love Series has ya covered!

This series on my blog is my favorite place to marry photography and writing, and it may be the perfect place for you too if you love to read about love and healthy relationships, and check out some cool couples paired with knowledgable insight.

for brides


Wedding or elopement tips!

Are you planning a mountain wedding or elopement and don’t know where to start? Hear from myself, as well as other qualified wedding experts and vendors about how to plan a wedding designed for you, as well as ways to stay mindful and composed! 

for creatives


Creative biz owner? Start here.

Hardest thing about running a business from home? Hands down our lack of people or a "coworker". Who do you turn to for ideas, advice, or camaraderie? Fear not, let this be a place for community and friendship. Check back here for tips, tricks, and freebies!