The Goslee Family Proofs

Hi Kirk & Lanie! Here's how it works: I have "rough" edited these photos. You get to choose your favorite 35 photos, and I will finish editing them and they will be all yours (for personal use only, of course)! I will share a Google Drive folder with you, and all photos will be high resolution photos, the proofs, of course- are not such great quality. Also, if you have any specific requests, such as airbrush, removing an object, lightening up a photo, or B&W let me know. I will also include a canvas or framed print (not sure yet), but let me know your top favorite image, and then your favorite 5 in order. 

Thanks loves! Just send the requests to my email:

Love you all, and I'll for sure have your favorites done by the end of the week for Christmas cards and stuff.  The others, depending how intense the edits are, may take a little longer. You can also choose more or less if you'd like! :)