getting to know you survey


I'm really excited to get to know you before we begin all our shenanigans. Taking time to complete this survey together will offer the best results during our time together. Here is my promise to you: all of the information shared here is private and will be kept confidential. By taking the time time to fill this survey out honestly and whole heartedly, will give us the best connection. This is will result in some pretty amazing photos (I promise!). Also, reading these give me life, so don’t hold back! I’m so excited for it! Love to both of you, and cheers!

As I'm reading your survey, I like to know who the narrator is. :) Tell me, who is doing the typing here?
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Bride's Name
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Groom's Name
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Groom's Phone Number
If a friend sent you, I'd love to say thank you! If it was a website/blog, list it here!
Include common hobbies, interests, etc.
What do you do for work? What do you do for fun? What are you most excited about in terms of your future together?
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Tell me about the websites and blogs you use for your wedding planning, inspiration, etc.
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What is the style of your wedding? Shabby chic? Classic? Etc.
This question is a little different-- being there and only seeing pictures are different!
Tell me anything else you think I should keep in mind about you or your wedding/engagement session, tips for life, the best vacation spot in the world, your favorite restaurant, and the meaning of life. All right here. :)
I get it, you've just told me your whole life story. Now it's your turn-- ask me anything!