live in the moments

You'll never forget


...Let me capture them for you.

It was my daughter’s third birthday. I made one promise to myself that day: to be completely present. You're a “live in the moment” girl. I see you. Your life filled with adventure, wonder, and passion-- heart experiences, soul experiences. The real things in life that matter, ya know, the intricacies of living. And if I know you, I know one thing: You ache for those fleeting moments to be captured-- your story to be told. That’s where I come in...



The way his fingers trace the edge of your face.

Laughter as it echoes as far as those mountain top views.

Moments and memories-- infinite and fleeting. I believe in that.

I’ll share the dance floor with you, third wheel your best day with you, & laugh until I cry with you.

I can fluff a dress and make a joke, simultaneously join a champagne toast while capturing it,

and scale the side of a mountain like a goat to get the best angle.

We’re friends first and clients second.

Your story is my story.

And at the heart of it all,

I  fiercely love what I  do because of who you are.


Where to next?





Let your story come alive...

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